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Vascular Injury Treatment

Why it’s dangerous?
Blood vessel injury causes abrupt cut-off in blood circulation of legs/hands leading to death of the body cells of particular limb.
Any part of our body can not survive without blood supply beyond 4 to 6 hours. Little delay in vascular repair can cost patient with loss of limb or life.
What are the symptoms / clinical presentation?
  • High velocity trauma to limb(with or without fracture)
  • Sharp cut injury over leg / hand
  • Feeling of numbness in leg / hand
  • Loss of movement & sensation in limb (similar to paralysis)
  • Blue / black colour changes in toes / fingers / Gangrene
What if urgent treatment no taken?
It’s a life & limb threatening emergency.
If delayed, you may lose your leg/hand/life. Delay in treatment may increase risk of kidney failure also.
So it’s better rush to a vascular surgeon as soon as possible.
What to do next if I am suspecting injury to blood vessels in my legs/hand?
Consult a Vascular surgeon for assessment immediately. Doctor will perform an ultrasound Doppler test/CT Angiography of injured limb & will explain you further course of treatment.
What are the treatment options?
Urgent repair (Connecting cut ends / bypass procedure)
If patient comes late- Amputation

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