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AV Graft Creation

What’s AV graft surgery?
AV graft is an artificial tubing (PTFE) in your arm/forearm, connected between artery & vein. Purpose of AV graft is to provide access for Hemodialysis.
When do I need to undergo AV graft placement surgery?
When all veins are exhausted/not suitable for new AV fistula creation, vascular surgeon needs to choose this option.
Duration of procedure ? When can I take discharge?
1 hour procedure time. Discharge next day morning.
When can I restart my routine & office work?
You can attend your work from next day of surgery without any discomfort.
When can dialysis be started from AV graft?
After 2 weeks of surgery.
Can it get blocked? What is the solution for blockage?
Yes it can get blocked due to low blood pressure during dialysis & few other reasons. But it can be opened up again by doing AV Fistula angioplasty.
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