Hickman line, PICC line insertion
for Bone - marrow Transplantation

What’s PICC line?
It is a special line placed in arm, in patients requiring cancer chemotherapy/parenteral nutrition/IV medication for longer duration of time.
What’s Hickman line?
It is a special line(central venous catheter) placed in neck, under the skin of patients requiring bone marrow transplant/chemotherapy. The characteristic feature of Hickman line is that it remains below skin.

Hickman line
Why PICC/Hickman lines?
Injectable drugs are very irritable for body. If given by regular iv cannula in hand,it can induce serious reaction/swelling/blockage in veins. For patients who require long term(for weeks to months) injectable medications, you can not take prick for fresh IV cannula every time. Patient needs a permanent long term access, & these lines can serve the purpose.

There are certain advantages of Hickman / PICC lines:
  • Single time placement, used for all the cycles of TPN / BMT / chemotherapy.
  • Minimal risk of damage to veins of hand.
  • Less chances of infection
  • Less chances of blockage
  • Comfortable neck movements
  • Covered under skin (not visible outside to others)
  • Can be used to withdraw blood sample/give other IV fluids & blood.
Is it safe procedure for children/pediatric patients?
Absolutely safe & beneficial in children, for even 1 year of age.
How it’s placed?
Duration of procedure ? When can I take discharge?
15 minutes procedure time. Discharge within 1 hour of procedure.
When can I start using my line?
Immediately after placement.
Any precautions to prevent blockage in lines?
Your care giver must flush it with heparin saline / cathflush after each use to prevent blockage.
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