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AV Fistula Salvage Angioplasty

AV fistula angioplasty (balloon / stent) is similar to any angioplasty done for heart or leg vessel blockage.

What is the purpose of doing AV Fistula angioplasty?
To save your failing AV fistula, before it stops working.
When do I need angioplasty for my AV-fistula?
You may need to see a vascular specialist urgently for angioplasty when:
  1. Absent thrill/vibrations in AV fistula
  2. Reduced flow or increased venous pressure during dialysis
  3. Any difficulty observed by your dialysis technician while doing hemodialysis.
How it’s done?
By doing a small puncture in blood vessel, guide wire along with catheter is introduced into AV fistula. Blocked area is crossed with wire & balloon is inflated in that area.
Balloon broadens the narrowed vessel & blood flow is again normalized in AV fistula.
Sometimes your vascular surgery doctor may feel need to put a stent to keep fistula open for longer duration.

Duration of procedure? When can I take discharge?
1 hour is procedure time. You can get admitted in morning & take discharge by late afternoon.
When can I restart doing dialysis from same AV Fistula?
From next day.

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