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Dialysis AV Fistula Creation

AV Fistula (Arterio-venous Fistula) is a lifeline for all kidney failure patients requiring Hemodialysis.

What is AV Fistula?
AV fistula is a connection made between artery & vein of forearm/arm by a Vascular specialist. No additional tubing/implant is introduced inside body. By creating this connection, vein gets wider & stronger. Dialysis can easily be done by putting needles in this large vein.
AV Fistula

3 Types of AV Fistula
  1. Radio-cephalic AVF (Wrist)
  2. Brachio-Cephalic AVF (Elbow)
  3. Basilic Vein Transposition AVF (Minor bypass)

Why AV fistula for all kidney failure patients?
Traditional hemodialysis catheters/lines lasts only for a month or so, can get blocked or infected. AV-fistula has least chances of infection / blockage, allows large area to puncture for dialysis needles. Hence it’s the safest & mandatory option for dialysis access.

When should I get AV fistula surgery done?
Immediately after your nephrologist’s advice. Ideal time is 6 months before expected first dialysis, so that vein gets adequate time to become large & strong.
How the procedure is performed?
Small skin cut is placed over forearm/arm. Artery & veins are connected by micro sutures.
Duration of procedure? When can I take discharge?
45 minutes procedure time. You can get admitted in morning & take discharge by late afternoon.
When can I restart my routine & office work?
You can attend your work from next day of surgery without any discomfort.
When can dialysis be started from AV Fistula?
After 6 weeks of surgery.
What precautions do I need to take after undergoing AV fistula surgery?
  1. Regular Handgrip exercise with ball
  2. Avoid –needle prick, BP measurement over the operated limb.
  3. Avoid-External pressure over AV fistula
  4. Regular dressing & follow up with doctor.
How do I know if my AV fistula is working well?
Feel vibrations/thrill of your AV fistula twice a day. Ask your dialysis technician to inform you immediately if he/she finds difficulty in doing dialysis from AV fistula.
When can dialysis be started from AV graft?
After 2 weeks of surgery.
Can it get blocked? What is the solution for blockage?
Yes it can get blocked due to low blood pressure during dialysis & few other reasons. But it can be opened up again by doing AV Fistula angioplasty.
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