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Vascular Bypass Surgery

When do I need to undergo vascular bypass surgery?
Vascular bypass surgery is needed when blood vessel has large & long area of blockage. Bypass is needed in such situation to prevent amputation of your leg.
What is peripheral vascular bypass?
It is a surgery in which we connect two normal parts of blood vessels above & below blockage area by creating a bypass channel. The blocked vessel remains as it is inside the body & normal blood flow is re-established through bypass. You can compare it with bypass highway created to avoid traffic in the city, where traffic has to be considered as blockage in blood vessel.

There are two types bypasses:

  1. Vein bypass-Done using body’s own vein(saphenous vein,which is an additional vein in the body)
  2. Prosthetic bypass-Done using artificial tube(Dacron / PTFE material)

What is the duration of procedure? How many days I have to remain admitted in hospital?
Duration of procedure is 2 to 3 hours. You have to remain admitted in hospital for total 3 to 4 days.
Is it a painful procedure?
No you will not feel any pain during surgery. Procedure is done under spinal/general anesthesia.
Results of the procedure?
Immediate relief of leg pain, speedy recovery of wounds. Minimal post-surgery site pain, easily controlled by medications.

Our Successful Bypass Surgery

When Can I walk normally after surgery?
We will mobilize you on next day morning after surgery & regular walking will be possible next 24 hours onwards.
When can I restart my routine & office work?
You can resume work after 1 to 2 weeks of rest.
Can the bypass get blocked?
Few precautions can prevent blockage of bypass.

  • Take regular medications
  • Stop tobacco/smoking
  • Strict control of Blood sugar, blood pressure & blood cholesterol levels.
  • Walking Exercises
  • Regular follow up with doctor

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