Balloon Angioplasty

When do I need to undergo balloon angioplasty procedure?
Ballooning is used to open up narrowed blood vessels. When relatively short segment of blood vessel is blocked, we need to open it up with balloon angioplasty to re-establish the blood circulation. This procedure can save your leg.
How balloon angioplasty is done?
By doing a small puncture in artery, guide wire along with catheter is introduced into artery. Blocked artery is crossed with wire & balloon is inflated in that area. Balloon broadens the narrowed vessel & blood flow is again normalized in the limb.

balloon angioplasty
What is the duration of procedure? How many days I have to remain admitted in hospital?
Duration of procedure is 1 to 2 hours. You have to remain admitted in hospital for total 18 to 24 hours.
Is it a painful procedure?
No you will not feel any pain during surgery. Procedure is done under local anesthesia.
Results of the procedure?
No cut on the skin. Immediate relief of pain, speedy recovery of wounds.

When Can I walk normally after surgery?
You have to keep the limb straight for 6 hours. You can walk normally 12 hours after procedure & climb stairs too. That’s the beauty of a minimal invasive/day care procedures .
When can I restart my routine & office work?
You can attend your work within 1-2 days of angioplasty without any discomfort.
Can this problem occur again?
Few precautions can prevent recurrence of the problem.

  • Take regular medications
  • Stop tobacco/smoking
  • Strict control of Blood sugar, blood pressure & blood cholesterol levels.
  • Walking Exercises
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