Renal Artery Stenosis Stenting

Renal artery stenting needs to be done when blood vessels supplying the kidney get narrowed due to various reasons.

When do I need to undergo renal artery stenting procedure?
Narrowing in renal arteries can lead to severe hypertension (very high blood pressure) ,which is usually not controlled by high dose of medications.
Your physician/nephrologist doctor can diagnose this condition & advise you to consult a vascular surgeon for renal artery stenting.
This procedure can save your kidneys.
How stents are placed in my renal artery?
By doing a small puncture in artery, guide wire along with catheter is introduced into artery. Narrowed artery is crossed with wire & balloon is inflated in that area.
The balloon is removed & stent is placed in diseased segment to keep the blood vessel open.
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What is the duration of procedure? How many days I have to remain admitted in hospital?
Duration of procedure is 1 to 2 hours. You have to remain admitted in hospital for total 18 to 24 hours.
Results of the procedure?
No cut on the skin.
Very good control of blood pressure after procedure.
Reduced dose & requirements of antihypertensive medications.

Any precautions to prevent blockage in permacath?
Your care giver must flush it with heparin saline/cathflush after each use to prevent blockage.

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