ABI, Ultrasound Color Doppler Angiography in Vadodara | Dr. Kushan Nanavati | Vascular Specialist

ABI, Ultrasound Color Doppler, Angiography

Doppler ABI

It’s a non-invasive test, used as a screening modality to diagnose peripheral arterial disease.

It can pick up reduction in blood flow to your legs at early stage.

Vascular ultrasound color Doppler

Vascular Doppler is ultrasonography of blood vessels similar to a sonography performed for abdominal disease.

It’s a non-invasive test, takes 10 to 15 minutes & done on outpatients disease.

A vascular surgeon/radiologist can perform this test.

Used to diagnose

  • Peripheral Arterial Diseasev
  • Acute Limb Ischaemia
  • Varicose veins
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT)
  • Carotid artery disease
  • AV fistula creation

CT Angiography

CT scan of blood vessels is known as CT Angiography.

It is used to confirm the diagnosis of various vascular diseases & decide the plan of further treatment.

DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)

Investigation similar to angiography performed for heart attack.

DSA is angiography of any blood vessel in body which is suspected to have blockage.

Sometimes CT scan is not helpful due to high calcium deposition in blocked blood vessel or contraindicated due to various reasons.

In such scenario, DSA helps to decide whether angioplasty or bypass will be more beneficial to the patient.

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