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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment

What is DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)?
DVT is blood clot (thrombus) formation in main veins of legs / hips / arms.
Is it a serious problem?
Yes. It’s an emergency condition & you must see a qualified vascular surgeon immediately.
Why does it happen?
Function of veins is to return impure blood from legs to heart. Prolonged immobilization of legs can lead to retention / stagnation of impure blood in leg veins which eventually gets clotted there.

Who are at risk?
  1. Those with blood clotting tendencies
  2. Long travel history (Air travel, long car journey) Traveler’s thrombosis
  3. Professionals sitting at a computer / confined to one chair for long hours (E-thrombosis)
  4. Post - surgery, after accident / fracture repair procedures
  5. Paralysis, long bed ridden conditions
  6. Dehydration
  7. Cancer patients
  8. Pregnancy, contraceptive pill overuse
  9. Smoking, Obesity
What are the symptoms / clinical presentation?
  • Sudden onset leg or leg + thigh swelling
  • Pain & heaviness in legs
  • Can occur without any symptoms after prolonged period of bed rest / accident / surgery.

What if I neglect it? What if we don’t remove clots from vein?
A small piece of clot may break loose, dislodge to move towards heart & lungs, causing ‘Pulmonary Embolism’, a condition similar to heart attack. This can cause death of DVT patient. May get complicated by wound/ulcer development in legs/itching & blackish discoloration of legs at later stage if left untreated.
So it’s better to consult a vascular surgeon as soon as possible.
What to do next if I am suspecting DVT in my legs?
Consult a Vascular surgeon for assessment. Doctor will perform an ultrasound Doppler test of your legs & will explain you further course of treatment.

suspecting DVT
What are the treatment options?
Two modalities are available for treatment.
  1. Blood thinner medications
  2. Thrombolysis procedure (clot removal from veins)
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