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Diabetic Foot Management

Magnitude of the problem in India

  • Diabetic population : 30 million
  • Foot complications : 39 %
  • Compromised blood circulation : 6-16 %
  • Neuropathy : 30 – 50 %
  • 15 % of Diabetics would develop foot ulcer in their life time.
develop foot ulcer

Who are at Highest risk for developing Diabetic foot problems?

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Neglected foot care
  • Associated DM Neuropathy
  • Associated Peripheral Arterial Disease/smoking

Myths about Diabetic foot treatment


  • Technically not feasible to perform
  • High chances for failure of treatment
  • Very costly
  • Limb amputation is inevitable
  • Good quality artificial legs are better for life style


  • Routinely performed by experts
  • Very good success rate
  • It’s a cost-effective treatment
  • Rarely required if treated timely
  • Nothing is comparable to one’s own legs

Warning signs / How do I Check my feet?

If you see any of the following alarming signs on your feet- immediately consult your doctor.

  • Wound / ulcer development
  • Abnormal swelling
  • Redness / Localized pain
  • Blister development
  • Cuts/injury / broken skin on toes/heel
  • Callus / Corn development
  • Nail or toes color changes (Blue / black)
  • Burning pains in legs / feet, worsening at night.
  • Sharp leg cramps after walking some distance
  • Feet feeling cold
  • A tingling, pins and needles sensation, numbness in the feet
  • Slippage of ‘Chappals’ from feet while walking

develop foot ulcer develop foot ulcer

How we treat ?

  • Wound cleaning procedure + Antibiotics
  • Complete non-weight bearing of the involved extremity (Special footwear)
  • Dedicated diabetic foot wound dressing / VAC dressing
  • Teaching Foot care to patients
  • Revascularisation (ANGIOPLASTY / BYPASS) for non-healing wounds when needed.

Role of improving blood circulation in diabetic foot

Why?: To save the foot, leg.

Goal: To Maximize foot blood circulation for wound healing

Treatment offered :

  1. Balloon Angioplasty
  2. Vascular Stenting
  3. Bypass Surgery

Our Results

 foot ulcer  foot ulcer foot ulcer

Taking care of your feets

  • Wash Dry Moisturize your feet daily to avoid skin dryness & cracks.
  • Regularly check your feet (self-examination) for warning signs.
  • If you have difficulty with your vision, ask a family member to check for you.
  • Get your feet assessed annually once by your doctor.
  • Cut your toe nails straight across, not at corners. Gently file if any sharp edges present.
  • Avoid removing callous/corns on your own, it may cause injury to your feet.
  • Avoid walking bare feet.
  • Don’t wear tight socks/shoes
  • Avoid direct heat application on feet with hot water bag/electric heating pads.
  • If you find any injury/redness/crack; immediately:- Wash and dry your feet, apply antiseptic solution
    e.g. Betadine & see your doctor.

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