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Lymphedema Treatment

‘Lymphedema / Elephant foot disease’ is a medical condition causing huge swelling of any part of your body (legs or arms) due to excess build-up of fluid beneath skin.

Why does it happen?
In our body, like blood circulation system there is one more system called ‘Lymphatic system’.
Basic function of lymphatic system is removal of proteins & water from different body parts & return it to blood circulation.
If the lymphatic vessels/nodes are damaged, it can lead to accumulation of protein + water in that particular body part causing large swelling (Lymphedema).
Who can develop lymphedema? What are the causes?
Basically there are two types:
  1. Primary lymphedema - Due to developmental abnormality in lymphatic system
  2. Secondary lymphedema -Cancer patients (Post-surgery / radiation therapy) Infection (Filariasis)
What are the symptoms / clinical presentation?
  • Foot + leg + thigh swelling
  • Disfigurement of limb
  • Pain & heaviness in limb
  • Frequent infections in leg
What if untreated?
May get complicated by
  • Wound/ulcer development in legs
  • Itching & spreading infection of legs
So it’s better to consult a vascular surgeon as soon as possible.
Goal of the treatment?
First - To reduce the swelling with help of remaining healthy lymph vessels.
Second - Once the swelling is decreased, we need to maintain the reduction and prevent re-accumulation of lymph fluid.
How it’s treated?
The ideal treatment is Combined Decongestive Therapy(CDT).It has three components.

1. Manual lymph drainage (MLD) Foot & leg massage + Lympha-press therapy

2. Skin care & exercise
3. Compression therapy-Compression stockings/devices

Is there a role of surgery?
Very limited role. Results are not promising with surgery.
Can swelling develop again?
Even after successful treatment, the body part affected by lymphedema is at risk for re-accumulation of fluid and it requires life - long care.
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