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CVI & Venous Ulcers Treatment (Venoplasty)

Venous ulcers are common, chronic frequently occurring wounds in leg. The characteristic of wound is that it never heals without proper treatment.

How does a venous ulcer look like?
They are located on lower one third of leg, on inner aspect just above ankle.

Who can develop a venous ulcer?
  1. Patients of varicose veins
  2. Improperly treated patients of DVT
What are the complications of long standing, non-healing venous ulcers?
  • Infection
  • Ankle joint movement restrictions
  • Rarely cancer changes (Marjolin’s ulcer, one type of skin cancer)
symptoms of  venous insufficiency
Tired of non-healing venous ulcer?
Consult a vascular surgeon, he can find the root cause of your ulcer & help you to get rid of it.
What are the treatment strategies?
It requires combination of wound care + correction of underlying root cause.
Treatment plan: Wound cleaning + weekly 4 layer bandage compression dressing WITH
  1. Treatment of varicose veins, if present
  2. Venous stenting / angioplasty for vein blockage in old DVT patients, if present
    • Procedure & principles are similar to vascular stenting procedure, the only difference is that stent is used to open blocked veins.
    • Opened up veins help by improving drainage of impure blood from legs & hence promotes ulcer healing.
How to prevent venous ulcer development/recurrence?
  1. Take treatment from a qualified vascular surgeon if you have varicose veins or Acute DVT, it will help you to prevent future development of venous ulcer.
  2. Few Precautions can help you:
    • Wear compression stockings

    • Avoid prolong standing
    • Leg elevation during night
    • Guided Exercises + skin care
    • Weight reduction (if obesity present)

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